Rodney Beatson - President

Rod has been involved in electronic signature capture/verification and Biometrics since the early1980s. Recognized as a global leader in the field, he brought electronic signature technology to the US retail payment systems industry in the early/mid 1990’s and there are now millions of devices capturing billions of electronic signatures each year. Since then he has concentrated in the field of Biometrics and its use in mobile device security.

Since 1998, as president of Transaction Security, Inc. (TSI), he developed the Crypto Sign® concept and methodology, applying it to PDA and Mobile Device user authentication. Using the Crypto-Sign SDK, the technology was  evaluated positively by large organizations such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, AT&T and others.  He has authored several patents and patent applications in the field, acted in an Expert Witness capacity, testified on Capitol Hill on the difference between the digital signature and the electronic signature and delivered numerous papers on the subject of Electronic Signature Capture and and biometric verification. As a member of the INCITS M1 Biometrics Committee he was the original editor of the ANSI standard, INCITS 395-2005 and the associated ISO standard 19794 Part 7, which deal with biometric data formats for the Signature/Sign modality and he served on the INCITS M1 Biometrics E-authentication working group. Since 2007, TSI has concentrated on developing patented methods using mobile biometrics and cryptography to provide secure access, protected data at rest and secure PKI transactions on mobile devices - all without the need to enter complex passwords. As a member of the IDESG, he was active in the NSTIC and IDESG initiatives  and as a member of the NIAP TC on Mobile Device Security he was responsible for significant input into the recently published NIAP Protection Profile MDF PPv3.1 dealing with Biometrics for Mobile Device Security.

Prior to TSI, as Vice President of Signature Products for Checkmate Electronics (now Ingenico NA), he successfully introduced and developed the POS-based electronic signature business of Checkmate Electronics from zero at the start of 1994 to a multi-million dollar business in 1998. He also developed and patented a smart card-based electronic signature prototype and was responsible for the initial conception and early development of Checkmate’s next generation combination signature terminal with MSR, debit/credit capability and LCD display. These devices and other similar ones are still in widespread use at Retail POS today, where billions of electronic signatures are captured annually.

Prior to his work with Checkmate Electronics, Mr. Beatson conceived, developed and brought to market, an innovative biometric electronic signature  verification product called SIGN/ON, which he moved from the UK to the US in 1986. He was the founder chairman of the Standards Committee for the International Biometrics Association and his committee developed the first-ever ANSI biometrics standard – on Biometric Terminology - in 1987/1988.

Mr. Beatson graduated with Honors in Mathematical Statistics (including Operational Research and Physics) from the University of Liverpool, UK.