Mark Kelty – Board Director

Mark Kelty is an experienced electronics engineer with primary focus on embedded firmware development.  He enjoys product development in the areas of firmware and software content because it can dramatically impact the user experience and satisfaction level.  Firmware content provides a broad opportunity for creative input in the design process.

Mr Kelty began his career with Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s Defense Electronics Division in Baltimore Maryland.  Mark was immersed in the vast array of high technologies that are part of state-of-the-art airborne military radar systems.  He specialized in receiver and antenna control subsystems.  Primarily contributing as a hardware electronics engineer, Mr. Kelty designed analog and digital hardware for radar receiver systems.  Mr. Kelty was awarded a Signature Award of Excellence (corporate level) in recognition of his work in control architecture for active phased-array antenna systems.

In 1991, Mr. Kelty left Westinghouse to pursue a start-up opportunity in the area of biometric signature verification technology.  He joined forces with a mechanical engineer and a mathematician to start Electronic Signature, Inc.  Work was progressing on the development of a signature capture and verification product for the point-of-sale market when fledgling ESI and its technology were purchased by Atlanta-based Checkmate Electronics in 1993.  As part of Checkmate Electronics, a very successful product was developed and sold into the POS market. Checkmate was in the forefront of this technology and to date more than one million signature units have been sold, capturing billions of signatures annually. Checkmate Electronics was subsequently acquired by Ingenico to become Ingenico NA. Mr. Kelty is a co-author of a patent issued to IVI Checkmate for the use of smart card technology and signature biometrics at point of sale.

In 1998, Mr Kelty joined start-up Nova Telecommunications, later to be dubbed Corvis Corporation, a long-haul optical fiber communications equipment company.  The position taken by Mr. Kelty at Corvis more strongly flavored his career toward the firmware/software side of engineering with his official title as a ‘Firmware Engineer’.  At Corvis, Mr. Kelty was the primary firmware developer for the company’s line of ultra-high speed optical communications line cards.  Three patents were issued to Corvis with Mr. Kelty as an inventor. 

In 2006 Mr Kelty joined Infinera Corporation, manufacturer of state-of-the-art high speed optical communications gear.  In his role as Principal Engineer he continues his work with high speed optical data transport systems.  These embedded system development activities include digital signal processing design, software development, and integration of software systems with hardware equipment.

Since 1998 Mark has acted as a Board Director and software developer/consultant for Transaction Security, Inc. and is a co-author of three issued patents and one patent application dealing with biometric verification, particularly relating to the Signature/Sign modality and the use of this technique in Identity management and Mobile Device security.

 Mark holds a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati and an MSCS from John’s Hopkins University.