Features and Benefits

Industry Standards
Crypto-Sign® has been developed keeping Industry Standard Interfaces such as BioAPI and Cryptography in view. This will provide for easy implementation for many of the applications for which it is designed. In particular, the concept of using the biometric test (with or without a PIN) to release the password and other tokens allows simple integration with password/encryption and payment systems infrastructures.

The Crypto-Sign® Software Development Kit
A working prototype for many of the Crypto-Sign features was an early development based upon a Widows Mobile platform and this was evaluated positively by a number of large companies. The Crypto-Sign Software Development Kit (SDK) used to build the prototype includes algorithmic code for the biometric feature extraction and matching as well as a Windows-based API. The Crypto-Sign SDK allows developers to integrate this ground breaking technology into their Windows Mobile applications/platforms, providing highly secure application and infrastructure environment. The multi-level security scheme comprising of  device and network logons usingCrypto-Sign to either start the application or authorize transactions will provide enterprises with  easy and affordable ways to secure their data, environment, and processes.

"Ink on Paper"
Using the system to release an author’s electronic signature to an electronic document also gives it the distinct advantage of an "ink on paper" look. The system can work in conjunction with PKI based digital signature technology to overcome the major security disadvantage of that technology which essentially relies upon passwords to identify the user. It adds the user-friendliness of an "ink on paper" signature image to electronic documents.

Crypto-Sign has many Features and Benefits to Differentiate it from the Competition

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