About Crypto-Sign®

The Crypto-Sign technology covers and provides for a simple, highly secure, authentication system that can replace the password with a biometric sample (any modality), which is compared against a locally stored template to:

  • Gain secure access to the device without password entry.
  • Provide secure access to and secure communications with protected web sites without password entry
  • Provide the basis for secure payment systems without password entry
  •  Encrypt and Decrypt sensitive data at rest on the device without password entry

Replace Password Entry With Crypto-Sign Biometric Authentication Factors

As well as providing for the use of different biometric technologies for device access, encryption of data at rest and in transit, the Crypto-Sign technology covers a non-invasive behavioral biometric technology, based upon electronic sign verification using the signature/sign modality. It combines the benefits (and eliminates the disadvantages) of the Password to provide a biometric system for local or remote user authentication. In application the technology requires the submission of a secret sign (no display or inking) on the screen of a smart phone, tablet or PDA, which is statistically compared to a previously established template for the sign.

Biometric Performance is a key area of product differentiation for the signature/sign based modality. Through the original Sign/On signature verification product, Mr. Beatson’s pre-Crypto-Sign signature verification algorithms were positively evaluated by Sandia National Laboratories and compare favorably with better-known biometric systems such as fingerprint, facial recognition and voice recognition. With the added improvements and the secret sign which Crypto-Sign requires, the FAR/FRR performance, security and user friendliness is significantly enhanced above the original Sign/On product. See the original Sandia National Laboratories Report on Biometrics at:  http://prod.sandia.gov/techlib/access-control.cgi/1991/910276.pdf.

The patented Crypto-Sign methodolgy is applicable to all biometric modalities and range across secure device access, remote access to networks, web sites, files and the provision of electronic documents where it can be used for secure document signing, proof of authorship and delivery. It is ideal for secure storage, and access to electronic documents (local, remote or cloud-based) and for conducting secure electronic transactions and M-commerce from mobile devices. It could be an ideal technology to work in conjunction with an authentication server based service, using mobile devices to connect to Workstations or Laptops.

Crypto-Sign Development History

TSI first developed a Win 32 based Crypto-Sign system using sign input from an off-the-shelf digitizer. This ported easily to the Windows Mobile platform and a demonstration system was built for these devices. TSI’s first product, PDA-Protect, extended the demonstration system to protect access to the device itself. PDA-Protect was Beta tested by Microsoft and became the basis for the TSI owned patents US 7,916,907 and US 8,842,887, which also cover biometric modalities other than the Signature/Sign modality.