About TSI

TSI is a small privately funded Maryland Corporation concentrating on the development of secure, high productivity software solutions using a low cost, non-invasive, highly accurate biometric technology called Crypto-Sign®. Crypto-Sign is a patented technology covering the use of biometric samples (any modality) submitted on mobile devices to release complex passwords for secure device access and encryption of data at rest or in transit.

In addition Crypto-Sign covers the use of the Signature/Sign biometric modality, which is based upon the submission of a secret sign (no inking) submitted on the screen of a mobile device. Apart from secure access and encryption, Crypto-Sign is used for secure remote document signing and payment systems where an electronic signature with an ink on paper look is an important ingredient of the transaction. Unlike most current electronic signature systems it ties the signature to the user with a high degree of integrity

TSI was incorporated in 1997 and was initially involved in consulting and product development.  From 2007, it became the vehicle for the development and marketing of methodologies based upon its patented Crypto-Sign technology.