The qualifications of the key personnel are excellent.
The soundness, technical merit and innovation of the proposed approach are rated as excellent.
— U.S Government

Crypto-Sign® is a newly patented technology available for acquisition or licensing. It provides for a simple, highly secure, authentication system that can replace password entry with a biometric sample, which is compared against a locally stored template to:

  • Gain secure access to the device without password entry.

  • Provide secure access to protected web sites without password entry

  • Provide the basis for secure payment systems without  password entry

  • Encrypt and Decrypt sensitive data at rest on the device and in transit without a password entry

In the event the device (smart phone, tablet, PDA, etc.) is stolen or lost, the device user has to submit a successful biometric sample (any modality) before (s)he can effectively use it. Crypto-Sign offers a novel, patented approach to electronic signatures, and to device and network access to generate significant economic savings. Crypto-Sign also enhances the security of remote transactions for payments, contractual agreements, authorizations and for proof of authorship. Optionally, used in conjunction with a PIN, it offers less than a one in one million probability of fraudulent access by chance.

As part of the technology, Crypto-Sign offers its own biometric signature/sign verification method to utilize the benefits of, and eliminate the disadvantages of Password-based systems. The Crypto-Sign signature/sign verification solution is essentially a non-invasive, low cost, software-based biometric solution to the problem of identifying authors of electronic messages and transactions - without the need to enter passwords. The basis for the Crypto-Sign signature/sign verification biometric sample is the submission of a secret sign on the mobile device screen with no ink feedback. The stylus (or finger) positions are sampled many times a second as the sign is made and biometric features are extracted and compared to a locally stored encrypted biometric template. 

The TSI Mission

To partner with organizations who share a passion for improving the productivity and security of mobile devices, access to them, the data, applications and transactions carried out on them and the security of communications in which they are involved.

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Do you know what corporate data is stored on your Employee's Mobile Devices? What would happen to your corporate data if an Employee's device was lost or stolen?

  • Is It Securely Protected By Crypto-Sign®?
  • Giving It The Strength Of A Complex Password
  • Without The Need To Enter It
  • Without Having To Remember It
  • Even When You Change It

Help yourself and your employees protect important device data with the security of a complex password

  • Without The Need To Enter A Password
  • Without The Need To Remember It
  • Without The Fear of Someone Knowing It
  • Without The Fear Of Someone Guessing It