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Mobile Device User Authentication Made Easy
Ensures the Device User is the Device Owner

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TSI – Is a privately owned US company based in Maryland.

Venture Capital competition winner -
MD State Winner - Pitching Across America

Angel Investors / Private Investors

This is what the US Government has to say about TSI and Crypto-Sign:

"The qualifications of the key personnel are excellent."

"The soundness, technical merit and innovation of the proposed approach are rated as excellent."

PDA-Protect® has been through beta with Microsoft® who have this to say:-

"TSI has a really excellent new authentication mechanism for the PPC that uses handwriting recognition."

"Security features like this are important for enterprise customers who are deploying these devices in high volumes"


Enterprises & Mobile Device Owners

An electronic system is compromised with 100% certainty if the password is known (or can be guessed) by an impostor.

Do you know what corporate data is stored on your Employee's Mobile Devices? What would happen to your corporate data if an Employee's device was lost or stolen?

  • Is It Securely Protected By Crypto-Sign®?
  • Giving It The Strength Of An 8 Character Password
  • Without The Need To Enter It
  • Without The Need To Remember It
  • Even When You Change It

Help your employees protect your corporate data with the security of a complex password

  • Without The Need To Enter A Password
  • Without The Need To Remember It
  • Without The Fear of Someone Knowing It
  • Without The Fear Of Someone Guessing It

>> TSI Granted Key Patent for Secure Password-Free Mobile Transactions Using Biometrics with Cryptographic Protocols US Patent No. 8,842,887

>> TSI Delivers a White paper ("Is the Device User the Device Owner") for Biometrics Unplugged – September 2013

>> TSI receives North Carolina Excellence Award

>> Feature Selection & Definition in a Biometric System with Many Possible Features Including Multi-Modal Features

>> TSI Granted Key Patent - US 7,916,907
Could Save $ Billions

>> Crypto-Sign A Contender for “World’s Best Technology” - Transaction Security, Inc., was selected as one of the top technology innovators from across the nation and around the world to present at the March 24-25 WBTshowcase in Arlington, Texas.

>> Download PDA-Protect® Installation Software

>> View the video clip - Microsoft & Rod Beatson discuss the need for Mobile Device & Smart Phone Security with PDA-Protect®.

>> Read The PDA-Protect® Press Release

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  • Secret "Sign" Biometric Verification
  • Fast, Low Cost, Non Invasive
  • Sandia Laboratories Tested Algorithms
  • Protects PDA Data
  • Remote Authentication
  • Enterprise Security
  • Government Applications

TSI’s PDA-Protect® Uses Crypto-Sign® Technology To Interrupt The Password Request Process And Demand A Display-Inhibited Secret Sign To Gain Access.

Coming Soon:

Use your Crypto-Sign protected PDA to control access to your Workstation & Lap-Top or to connect wirelessly to local or remote servers.


- The PDA is What you Own
- The Secret Sign is What you Know
- The Biometric Data extracted from the Secret Sign gives you the Third Level of Authentication.

Use your Crypto-Sign protected PDA to release Passwords, PIN’s, Encryption Keys and Electronic Signatures to Electronic Documents.

Save $$$ in Paper Costs

Take advantage of the E-sign Bill and attach secure electronic signatures to your electronic documents.

  • Use Crypto-Sign to secure the attachment.
  • Give your electronic document the look of ink-on-paper.
  • Build secure documents with proof of authorship.

Ask about the Crypto-Sign SDK for Mobile Devices and Tablets, and Enterprise Pricing for PDA-Protect.

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Download PDA-Protect® Installation Software

>> About Crypto-Sign®

>> About PDA-Protect®

>> View the video clip - Microsoft & Rod Beatson discuss the need for Mobile Device & Smart Phone Security with PDA-Protect®.

>> Read The PDA-Protect® Press Release

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